disclaimer color demo-1

DARK GOLD: with soft yellow; with light gold; with cinnamon

“The stocking shown is knit with the colors in the kit. The photograph represents the spirit of the stocking, not necessarily the exact yarn colors. Turn the package over to see the actual yarns.”

This color disclaimer appears on the kits due to all the variables involved in producing and reproducing color. Start with slight variations in dyeing the yarn. Then add photographing the stockings. Then add printing the photos with “some” ink on paper that is “some” shade of white. Or sending the images through cyber-space from one monitor, through a server, to yet another monitor. Finally, add viewing your finished stocking on a cloudy or sunny day; in a fluorescent or candlelit room. Colors just do not show exactly the same in every situation. The wonder is that it all works as well as it does.

disclaimer color demo-2

RED ORANGE: with magenta; with white; with light blue, light yellow-green, marigold and magenta

Perhaps the most important, and most fun part about colors is that putting the one color next to different colors changes how both colors appear. These examples only begin to tell the wonderful story of color combinations and the possibilities for endless expression.

disclaimer color demo-3

LIGHT GOLD: with soft yellow and dark gold; with white; with dark gold

As you look through the stockings on this website, remember that what is represented is the spirit of the stocking; and this spirit is a joyful celebration of color!

disclaimer color demo-4

DARK GREEN: with light yellow-green; with bright red; with green

disclaimer color demo-5

LIGHT GREY-BLUE: with off white; with dark grey-blue; with light-grey