Judy's Colors Errata

For those of you who purchased your patterns or kits since 2010, you can be almost certain your patterns are correct. For those of you who have patterns from before then, there may be mistakes in them. This page is for you! If you find you are confused by an instruction, and there are no errata sheets, please contact me; I will help sort it out!

Many thanks to the many knitters who let me know “something wasn’t right.”

General Errata

Some of the Downhill, Fetch, Ivy, Jaunty, Jester’s Cousin, Making Waves, and Scandia mitten kits and refills are missing the following information on the cover: kit or refill: Contains sufficient yarn to knit one pair of mittens of any size; to ensure enough yarn to complete the mittens, knit to gauge.”

Several designs need to “break yarns” between the leg and the heel. Those two little words are missing in some of the instructions for Christmas Argyle, Fairy Tree, Moire, Ms Claus, Ruffled Argyle, Secrets, Skiing, and Thursday’s Stars. Please mark your pattern, as there are no pdfs for this correction.

Please print out an errata sheet to keep with your instructions. You will need both the original set of instructions and the errata sheet to complete the stocking as it appears in the photo. Thank you for choosing a Judy’s Colors Christmas Stocking!

Candy Cane Errata

Damask Rose Errata

Fairy Tree Errata

Gold Brocade Errata

Jester Errata

Lauren Errata

Mark Errata

Red Velvet Errata

Skiing Errata

St Nick Errata

Thursday’s Stars Errata

Judy's Colors Errata