Judy's Colors Yarn


Before the stockings, there were the mittens . . . twenty pairs knit for a family Christmas one year. Before the mittens, there was the quest.

Which yarn would work to knit all the traditional and made-up motifs she was contemplating? After looking at one palette after another, after knitting up swatch after swatch, with no real luck, hope was running low. One day, as Judy was browsing through “Sweaters” and “More Sweaters” and enjoying the designs, she just happened to notice the colors. These colors—these would work, and found they were all knit in Rauma yarns.

Buying from an on-line color card was a little unnerving, but she went ahead and bought 10 or so “starter” colors. As soon as the box arrived, she ordered one ball of all the rest of the colors! Since then, she has grown to appreciate the yarn even more, if that were at all possible.

Produced in Norway by a family-owned business, the palette was developed so that the colors would work with each other. So the blues go with the reds and the purples go with the greens; and so on: a designer’s delight! The colors themselves are clear, even the softer grayed ones; there is nothing muddled or “off” about them. Add to all these wonderful pluses the fact that the palette is stable—it doesn’t change every year!—and you have the perfect yarn for doing gorgeous color work. And for kitting it. A design introduced years ago can be kitted today and into the future, knitting up the same beautiful stocking each time.

Rauma Strikkegarn is a high quality 100% DK weight wool yarn.